What's Your Reset Prayer?

Join the movement of people asking Jesus for a reset.

You've prayed for a reset.

Whatever you typed, you don’t have to fix it yourself.

Pray for one thing or many things. Jesus brings hope.

Why Jesus? Pray again

Reset Prayers Prayed

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What people are praying

  • Reset My sexual addictions

    PRAYED 03/22/2015

  • Reset the way i think because i know sometimes its not of You

    PRAYED 03/21/2015

  • Reset My Internet searches

    PRAYED 03/20/2015

  • Reset my career

    PRAYED 03/08/2015

  • Reset My Parenting

    PRAYED 03/02/2015

  • Reset My Expectation for marriage

    PRAYED 02/27/2015

  • Reset My Heart and Priorities

    PRAYED 02/26/2015

  • Reset My Christian college campus to a body of believers winning our classmates to Christ!

    PRAYED 02/26/2015

  • Reset My Cutting addiction

    PRAYED 02/26/2015

  • Reset My spiritual warfare

    PRAYED 02/26/2015

  • Reset my Will power to eat healthy

    PRAYED 02/25/2015

  • Reset My Reset my anxiety disorder

    PRAYED 02/25/2015

  • Reset My be free from debts and parole and to love my wife

    PRAYED 02/25/2015

  • Reset My Job search. No more discontentment.

    PRAYED 02/18/2015

  • Reset My need for others approval

    PRAYED 02/10/2015

  • Reset my view towards men

    PRAYED 02/09/2015

  • Reset my view towards nonbelievers

    PRAYED 02/09/2015

  • Reset my porn addiction

    PRAYED 02/09/2015

  • Reset My view of money and fixation on it as a solution to problems

    PRAYED 01/31/2015

  • Reset the way I feel about my family.

    PRAYED 01/29/2015

  • Reset My Energy

    PRAYED 01/29/2015

  • Jesus, please reset my relationship with my husband and family.

    PRAYED 01/29/2015

  • Reset My Focus. Help me see the path you set. Open my eyes, heart, mind to you.

    PRAYED 01/28/2015

  • Reset My Relationship with my parents. Please help me to be more communicative instead of explosive

    PRAYED 01/28/2015

  • Reset my Mind, body, and search history....

    PRAYED 01/27/2015

  • Reset my friends' marriage so they don't get a divorce

    PRAYED 01/27/2015

  • Reset My nephew's life so he can keep his son

    PRAYED 01/26/2015

  • Reset my outlook on life and to better worship you

    PRAYED 01/23/2015

  • Reset My Eating habits

    PRAYED 01/22/2015

  • Reset my any separation or hindrance I caused

    PRAYED 01/21/2015

  • Reset My heart for my husband. My heart for Ministry. My heart for Church planting. My heart for my job and the family I work with.

    PRAYED 01/21/2015

  • Reset my life to be more like you want me to

    PRAYED 01/20/2015

  • Reset My University

    PRAYED 01/20/2015

  • Reset My Life. I need to be home and be the dad my kids and wife need

    PRAYED 01/19/2015

  • I want to reset my relationships and include Jesus.

    PRAYED 01/19/2015

  • Reset my Idea of self worth

    PRAYED 01/18/2015

  • Reset my view of what the church is

    PRAYED 01/18/2015

  • Reset my way of life to be positive and a leader

    PRAYED 01/14/2015

  • Reset My husband to follow Christ

    PRAYED 01/14/2015

  • Reset my need for alcohol

    PRAYED 01/13/2015

  • Reset My Husband's drug addiction

    PRAYED 01/10/2015

  • Reset my guilty conscience

    PRAYED 01/08/2015

  • Reset My Husbands passion for God

    PRAYED 01/06/2015

  • Reset My tendency to doubt you.

    PRAYED 01/06/2015

  • Reset My zeal

    PRAYED 01/05/2015

  • Reset My fearing about people liking me

    PRAYED 01/05/2015

  • Reset me to be free of cancer

    PRAYED 01/04/2015

  • Reset My being on time to work/everything daily

    PRAYED 01/04/2015

  • Reset My Friendships. I'm lonely and tired of others treating me poorly.

    PRAYED 01/01/2015

  • Reset My Relationships? Help me to control my anger and be kind, even when people push my buttons.

    PRAYED 12/31/2014

Why Jesus?

Jesus changes everything—He offers life, hope, and the ultimate reset. He lived the life we couldn't live and died the death we deserve. And He is alive. Jesus welcomes you to come just as you are, no matter what you are dealing with. It can be in an instant or over the course of your life, but Jesus offers you a fresh start.

Learn what Jesus has done for you.

Meet in D.C.

You are invited to come together for a historic gathering where the only agenda is Jesus.

June 11-13


To build toward the main event in 2016, leaders will gather in June 2015 to pray, prepare, and plan. Let’s pray this is a launchpad for all people to return a year later to fill the National Mall.



In 2016, people of all backgrounds will come to the National Mall and unite around Jesus and His hope. It will be a time to stand together with people whose only agenda is Jesus. Pray it will be huge.

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